What is lipid?

In addition to being used as an energy source to move the body, lipid is an indispensable ingredient for making nerve tissue, cell membrane, hormone, etc in the body. It is made of fatty acids and is contained in meat such as fat and lard (fat), corn oil and soybean oil.

Illustration of meat Corn oil illustration

How much should I take?

According to Japanese dietary intake standards (external link: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) [external link], it is said that it is better to take 20% to 30% of the required energy from lipids.


If it is not enough

There is a possibility that energy becomes short and it tires easily.
The vitamins (vitamin A · D · E · K) that melts in oil become less likely to be absorbed, and the condition of the body may be deteriorated.
It is thought that it is hard to be deficient if you eat a normal meal, but if you diet such as extremely reducing lipid, you may run out.
Too much

It tends to become obese. It also causes lifestyle diseases such as arteriosclerosis and dyslipidemia (hyperlipidemia).