To spend healthy everyday ~ eating habits Q & A ~

Why do you need meals?

Illustration of classroom scenes at school Our body is made of what we ate and people need various nutrients to live. It is because we have to take the necessary nutrients from the diet in order to live healthily.

What is a balanced diet?

It is a meal that can take all the nutrients necessary for the well-balanced diet illustration as much as needed.
In order to have a balanced diet, let’s eat a variety of foods for eating.
When thinking about a menu, not only do side dishes such as meat and fish, but also dishes using vegetables, try selecting a dish using various foods.
When it is difficult to take various foods with a single meal, let’s consider the balance in one day or several days. For example, if you do not have enough vegetables at noon, you take more vegetables at night, the next day the same dish continues, you eat different food-based dishes, baking, frying, frying, simmering, Let’s devise a way to balance it by combining steaming, boiling, cooking, baking).
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Japanese type diet
Meal balance guide
Why should I eat various foods?

Illustration of dietician who thinks about various foods Because there is no one food that contains all the nutrients necessary per day. Let’s eat a variety of foods and take enough of the various nutrients required.

Why is breakfast important?

Illustration of breakfast The carbohydrate is the only energy source of the brain. When you eat breakfast, the energy necessary for the activity fits over the body, and the body and the brain can work well. Let ‘s eat breakfast without fail as we can be active in study and work from the morning.
I do not have time to eat, I do not have time to make … … who is. Let’s eat even with only toast or rice balls. Furthermore, it would be nice to combine milk, salad, miso soup, etc. to improve the balance.
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Mezamashi rice
Why are good regular meals good?

Illustration of a regular meal If you do not eat a meal, necessary nutrients may not be able to be taken enough. If you eat irregularly, you may eat too much and may become obese. Let’s eat regularly three times a day.

Do I need snacks?

Illustration of child eating between meals Snacking is necessary for children in the growing season and those who have a small amount of meals because of elderly people or diseases. But if you eat too much you will not be able to eat properly, so let’s moderate the amount and number of times as well. When eating a late night meal, let’s refrain from eating right before going to bed.
How much energy is needed per day?

Illustration of the energy required for the day The amount of energy required depends on the person. Let’s check the amount of energy required per day on the next page.
Japanese meal intake standard 2015 version [external link]

We can not understand the amount of energy contained in food just by looking at food. Recently, there are many food restaurants displaying nutritional ingredients and eating out stores displaying the amount of energy in menus. Let’s learn the habit of choosing food and cooking using this kind of display.
How much nutrients do you need per day?

Illustration of meal scenery The amount of nutrients required is different for each person. Let’s check the amount of nutrients necessary for yourself on the next page.
Japanese meal intake standard 2015 version [external link]

Let’s balance proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. For details, please see the following.
It is said that it is better to take protein from 13% to 20% of the energy taken per day. Let’s eat meat, fish and shellfish, eggs, dairy products, legumes etc. that contain abundant protein in a balanced way.
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It is said that it is better to take 20% to 30% of the energy taken per day from lipids if one or more years old. But be careful of taking too much.
The ingredients contained in animal and vegetable oils differ. If you eat various foods balancedly, you can take the necessary ingredients.
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It is said that 50% to 65% of the energy it takes per day is better taken from carbohydrates. In recent Japanese diet, the proportion of energy taken from carbohydrates is lower, and instead the proportion of energy taken from lipids is increasing. Rice and bread serving as staple food contain a lot of carbohydrates and become energy to move the body.
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If it is a good ingredient for your body, why do not you eat as much as you eat?

It is not as good to eat as you can eat it because it is okay from the illustration of over-eating meal scenery. Even ingredients that are said to be good for the body may harm your health if taken to a certain extent. Let’s take an appropriate amount.
Japanese meal intake standard 2015 version [external link]


Which ones should you pay attention to too much?

Pork cut in illustrations lipids
Taking too much can cause lifestyle diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and other diseases. Especially unsaturated fatty acids are concerned about increasing the risk of coronary artery disease. Be careful not to take too much “fried oil” contained in sweets, meat, fish etc, as well as “visible oils” such as salad oil and butter, margarine etc, which do not eat only fried foods and greasy items.

Illustration of ramen Salt salt
It is known that taking too much will make it easy for high blood pressure and stomach cancer. It is said that the amount taken in a day is less than 8 g for adult males and less than 7 g for females. Let’s devise a way to refrain from salty food, leave juice of noodles, use the spices, vinegar, citrus etc well for seasoning, so as not to take too much salt.

What better way to take?

Shirasu illustration Calcium
Both sexes tend to be deficient. Let’s be able to take the necessary amount by eating milk · dairy products, calcium-rich milk, soybeans, small fish etc. The amount required depends on age and gender. Let’s see how long you should take on the next page.

Japanese meal intake standard 2015 version [external link]

Illustration of cooking using clams Iron
There seems to be many people who are in growing season, women with menstruation, and those who are pregnant are not enough. Let’s take the necessary amount by eating lever-containing iron-rich clams, clams, seaweed etc. The amount required depends on age and gender. Let’s see how long you should take on the next page.

Japanese meal intake standard 2015 version [external link]

Because nutrients may be missing … … Before relieving health foods easily, let’s try balanced eating habits. Using health foods may take too much of the specific ingredients and may hurt your health.
Why do you get fat?

Women’s illustration on a scale is less than the energy used by the energy, excess energy accumulates in the body as fat, and it gets fat.
Try to keep in mind the amount of meal that matches your day-to-day activities, move your body regularly from awareness, exercise, and try to use energy.
Maintaining proper weight is important for prevention of lifestyle-related diseases. Weigh your weights so that you notice changes quickly.
Check the degree of obesity / thin skin

When becoming obese, this problem

What is the right diet?

Should I pay attention to excessive excess of hot ingredients in capsicum?

Figure0 Suitable spicyness due to dishes and condiments using capsicum helps improve appetite and helps delicious meals.
However, if you take too much capsaicin which is the main ingredient of capsicum spicy, mucous membranes are scratched, throat and stomach may get rough, so try not to eat too much hot things.
For more information on capsaicin, please see “Information on capsaicin”.
How do you talk with alcohol?

Illustration of drinking scenery Although liquor is fun, drinking too much may harm your health. Alcohol is said to be carcinogenic to humans. Also, drinking too much will put a burden on the liver. Let’s make a “rest day” which does not drink alcohol moderately.
Alcohol itself is an energy source and alcohol also has a function of increasing appetite. When I got drunk a cup of ramen …., I get too much energy. When drinking, drink too much and let’s not eat too much.
The adverse effect of alcohol on the fetus can occur at any time during pregnancy. Also, since the amount of alcohol safe to drink during pregnancy has not been clarified, drinking during pregnancy is said to have a bad influence on the fetus regardless of its amount or timing. For details, please see the next page.
Influence of pregnant women’s alcoholic beverages on fetuses (External link: Food safety committee, PDF: 131 KB)
How to eat a meal happily?

Illustration of the scenery of the restaurant When the atmosphere is pleasant, the meal is very tasty, and sometimes meals may not pass through the throat when sad. Enjoy a conversation with family and friends so that you can eat in a pleasant atmosphere, try coloring and tableing the tablecloth coloring the table, devising the color and shape of the dishes, decorating the flowers Let’s see.
Sometimes, when you cook with a family or go out to eat out, you may enjoy a different atmosphere.
Usually, people who can not eat with their families, sometimes it would be nice to enclose the table everyone.
Is it better for you to be careful with your child’s meal?

Children’s meal illustration Do you not have only the children’s favorite dishes on the table? To acquire the correct eating habits, stacking from the smallest days is important. Let ‘s eat three meals tightly, eat cooking using various foods, and take a balanced diet. Sometimes you can eat food you dislike by devising cooking methods.
Let’s eat with the whole family as much as possible, such as greetings of meals such as “We will have you” and “Turkey” and how to use chopsticks, and teach your children manners.
Be careful not to not only the amount of meal but also the contents as well as the balance so that children in growing season have enough nourishment for growth.
If you seem to be on a diet, let’s check on the next page if you really need a diet. Be careful not to make an impossible diet.