It is convenient to know. Ingredients contained in food

The Codex Committee ‘s nutrition labeling guidelines (English) explains nutrients (Nutrient) as follows.

Normally it is a substance consumed as a component of food that fits one of the following
Supplying energy
Necessary for growth, development, maintenance of life
Causes a specific biochemical or physiological change to occur when it is deficient
Among nutrients, five kinds of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates (carbohydrates), vitamins, and minerals are called “five major nutrients”.

5 Illustration of large nutrients

Five major nutrients

Main functions of the five major nutrients and foods containing many of them are as follows. Clicking on each nutrient name will display detailed explanation such as work in the body and how long it should be taken.

Nutrient name Food containing a lot of main work
Protein Meat, fish, eggs, soy products etc.
Butter that becomes lipid energy, margarine, vegetable oil, fat meat etc
Rice, carbohydrates, energy, bread, noodles, potatoes, sugar etc.
Vitamins Tone your healthy green yellow vegetables, fruits, levers, etc.
Make mineral bones and teeth, seaweed to tone your body, milk, dairy products, small fish etc.
What is not a nutrient

Although it is not a nutrient, water and dietary fiber are important ingredients for the body.
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